Sunday, 3 April 2016

Things are falling into place nicely...

Hello again! 

I haven't blogged since November and I've missed catching up on what you've all been up to. 

You may remember this post from July about feeling lost, well... a lot has happened since then! I made a major decision back in June, that has changed my life and since then, apart from a short period of feeling quite low, things have just got better and better! This change means I'm more confident, happy, positive, outgoing and assertive.

I joined the gym in July and lost four stone in six months, which is a major achievement that I'm very proud of! I have started going out more and have made new friends, some of them are now close friends that I wouldn't want to lose. I've also lost a friend through something I said, which I still feel upset about and an old friend has come back to me. I've spent the last couple of months catching up with old friends too. My nan now has carers coming in to help her, although she hasn't met one she likes yet!

As if all of these changes aren't enough, I've got a job with British Gas! After being a carer for so long and being out of full time work because of that, this is going to be a big change. I start next week as a Trainee Smart Meter Expert, I'm really looking forward to learning something new and working! I'd thought about applying for this job 18 months ago, after a friend who'd worked there, talked about it. The situation I was in at the time, made me feel that I couldn't do it but after my lost friend said he was training to be a gas engineer, I thought 'I can do this!'.

It has been quite hard with my nan since I told her I was applying for this job, but me not being around is something she'll have to get used to. Another thing that may be on hold a bit longer is the travelling I mentioned here. I definitely still want to travel but when it will be, I'm not sure.

One of my new friends said "Sounds like things are falling into place nicely!" and they really are! After five years of putting off this major change, I finally feel settled and happy with my life, which is such a good feeling! This year is about focus, learning, being challenged and new beginnings.

Cake, cake, food and more cake!