Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Do things come in threes?

I'm not really a superstitious person but three painful things have happened to me in the last week. These were, 1) I knocked my thumb and had pain in my wrist and thumb joint, 2) my wisdom tooth has been hurting, it's impacted and I'm waiting to have it taken out under sedation and 3) I pulled a muscle in my back on Monday. Although my thumb and back are feeling a bit better now, my tooth is still hurting a bit. My nan always believes things come in threes, she is very superstitious. She has lots of sayings but the one I always remember is, you can't do clothes washing on New Years Day as it washes someone out of the family. I don't really believe in them! Do you have any that you believe in?

Now I have my PPI money, I'm going to treat myself to a new TV and maybe a DVD player too. I have an old, big backed TV and the picture has started to stretch off of the screen. I also wanted to get a new corner sofa but couldn't find one small enough to fit into the space but now my sister and nan are both getting new sofas. My nan's will fit into my small space and my sister's will fit into the other space so I have saved a bit of money there! I'm thinking about getting a laptop too as I only have my nan's iPad at the moment. My dad is making me a new TV cabinet, this is the picture I have given him. It's this one from Oak Furnitureland.

I have a lot of sorting out to do before I get these new things though!


Friday, 19 July 2013

I've had the chop!

It's nothing sinister, I've had my hair cut! I've been wanting to get it cut for a while but couldn't afford it until now. I'm pleased with how it's turned out but I have a bit at the front that keeps falling on my face, I get this every time I have my hair short and usually end up just clipping it back. Here are the before and after photos from the back.

This heatwave is set to continue into next week, with temperatures possibly reaching 35°c! It's lovely to see the sun but it has been a bit too hot for me. It's like a bug hotel here at the moment, especially at night!

This was yesterday and about 28°c, it's a bit small for me to sit in but the kids loved it!

I finally got my deckchair out, under the gazebo!

The bees are enjoying the lavender.

I noticed I haven't done a 'Something for the weekend' post for a while so will try to do one soon.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Where to go?

We had fun at Legoland on Thursday, it wasn't too hot so it was nice. We saw some Mallards at one of the seating areas, with two young ducks that were just loosing the last of their down feathers. We also saw another duck with tiny ducklings, two yellows ones and two black ones. They weren't that close and moved off quite quickly so I couldn't really see what they were. Everything is so late this year.

Despicable Me 2 was brilliant and really funny and the kids enjoyed it too! I definitely recommend it if you have children.

I have been looking at hotels to have a couple of days away in August. I thought about going to West Wittering but some of the reviews on TripAdvisor said the parking is really bad and some people were stuck for three hours trying to get out of the car park. I think we will probably go to Littlehampton, we have been there the last couple of years and the beach is lovely. I like to hire a deckchair, read and relax!

This is a photo of the Viola after it has died off, I like all of the little seeds.

I saw a robin earlier, as I was putting the washing out. I was stood about three feet away from the feeders and it went from the tree to the water table, had a drink, did, what sounded like a couple of sneezes, onto the feeder and away. The robins always come quite close in the garden.

It's set to be another hot, sunny week with temperatures in the low 30's here - it's a bit hot for me. Hope you have a great week and its not too hot for you!

P.S. I have been feeling good as I had a PPI refund on Thursday and have cleared my debt!


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My scorching, busy week

Summer has finally arrived and its been a scorcher!! I think we got up to 29°c at the weekend. Although, its so hot I don't feel like doing anything and I don't know how they could play tennis in that heat. Well done Andy Murray on winning Wimbledon 2013!

I've noticed quite a few flowers are dying off now, ones that usually last until about August, so I'm not sure whats happened. Has anyone else noticed this? Here are a few photos from the garden, a daisy-not sure of the name, a bramble flower, the pink/red rose is one we've planted and the spade is in the greenhouse which is becoming overgrown by weeds!


I bought some books in Asda on Friday, they were on a '3 for £10' offer and one had a free book with it so I got four books for £10. I have loads of books to read but I don't seem to get round to reading them! I hope to do some book reviews once I get reading again.

I went to help my friend on Friday, she has just moved house and needed help with her TV aerial and internet. The internet hadn't been connected and we couldn't get the TV to work so it wasn't a very productive day! These are the presents I got for her.

I haven't managed to do any crocheting for a couple of weeks. I did find a pattern that I might try, it's for crocheted Minions from the film Despicable Me. My niece and nephew love the film and I thought I would try and make them for their Christmas presents but I might have to start them now! You can find the pattern here.

This week I'm quite busy, we had the boiler man in today as the heating was coming on even when it was hot and he changed the valve. Tomorrow I may be looking after my niece and nephew, Thursday we are going to Legoland (we have annual passes!) and on Friday we are going to see Despicable Me 2 at the cinema.

I hope you're having a good week so far!


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Halfway point...

I can't believe we're halfway through the year already! I think this most years but time just seems to be passing by so quickly and I'm not doing much with my life. I'm currently looking for work but being a carer and helping family out doesn't leave a lot of time to look - I will tell you more about that another time.

I saw my first ladybird on 30th June, it was a yellow one with white spots, I have looked it up and it was an Orange Ladybird. I found it in my trousers that had been drying on the line! I didn't get a good picture as I couldn't get my camera to focus so here is a blurred one!

This flower is growing in one of my pots, I'm not sure what it is though. There seem to be a lot more weeds growing in the garden this year.

It's set to be a hot, sunny weekend here, I hope you have a great weekend and good weather too!