Sunday, 23 February 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 8/52

Hello to you all, here we are again! I hope you've all had a lovely week. 

Here are my happy things from this week.

1. Snowdrops in the garden. I've lived here for nine years and it's the first time there have been snowdrops in the garden. Three delicate little flowers. 

2. Rainbow. I saw this rainbow as I passed the window on Friday and managed to get this photo before it disappeared a minute later. I haven't seen a rainbow for ages!

3. Daffodils. I bought both of these from M&S last Monday. I had some mini daffodils from Morrisons back in January but they haven't flowered so I bought some more! Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers. 

4. Half term fun! We spent a whole afternoon playing with these Nerf shooters, I stacked some toilet roll tube for targets. It was great fun but we kept losing the darts behind the furniture! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Burnham Beeches

We visited Burnham Beeches on Saturday 1st February, I wanted to go in Autumn to see the changing colours but didn't get round to it. 

We didn't get there until about 12.30pm so went to the cafĂ© for a quick bite to eat. The prices were ok and I really enjoyed the Millionaire Shortbread! The car park costs £2 per day, per car but someone gave us their ticket as they were leaving.

We walked along Lord Mayors Drive, almost to the end then turned round and came back up. This is one of the paths and we dipped in and out of the woods, it was very muddy and the children had great fun getting covered in it! We only walked a small part of whole place but it still took quite a long time! There are cattle and some other animals roaming in the woods but we didn't see any.

There were quite a few trees hollowed out like this, they looked like they had been burnt.

I think this was the Upper Pond, there were lots of Mandarin Ducks and some Mallards. I couldn't get a very good photo though.

This stream came from the pond above and carries on to the next two ponds, Middle and Swilly Ponds. The stream was very shallow and we walked through it in our welly boots.

We were there for about four hours in total and it was a tiring but fun day.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 7/52

It's that time again! This week has gone so quickly, I haven't even read any blogs. I have probably had lots of happy things this week but I haven't made a mental note of them, I have managed to remember these four though.

1 & 2. Perfume and flowers. I had this perfume a few years ago and it's lovely. Avon don't sell it any more but I found this one on eBay. I don't usually get any Valentines gifts but this year I got the red and white flowers in the background of this photo.

3. Planting. Today was lovely and sunny so I got out to plant these Hyacinths and Daffodils in the bottom of the bird feeder. (In the background is my little pond that I did manage to sink into the ground a bit but no wildlife yet!)

4. Jonathan Creek. There is a new series starting at the end of February, I've only just heard about this and I'm really excited, I love it!

I hope you've found some happy things this week and are keeping safe during these storms and flooding. We are on a hill and haven't had any flooding here but one of the local parks is flooded in places. A nearby town on the River Thames, has severe flooding and power cuts. I have quite a few friends living there but they are back from the river so have been OK.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 6/52

Oh dear! I didn't get round to writing the Burnham Beeches post this week, hopefully I'll get to do it next week.

My happy things from this week.

1. Birthday cards/presents. I got two bunches of flowers, chocolates and money.

2. Being rat free! We've had a rat in the loft but it's all clear now!

3. RBS Six Nations. I love watching the rugby and England won yesterday!

4. Getting back into contact with an old friend. We were best friends at school but lost contact when we moved to different secondary schools. I had searched on the internet for her but to no avail, I finally managed to find her but under sad circumstances. I have lots of happy memories from our childhood.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 5/52

I haven't really been into blog land that much this year. I've only really written my 52 Weeks of Happy posts so I need to get back into the flow!

Here are my happy things.

1. Visiting Burnham Beeches. I wanted to visit in the Autumn to see the changing colours but I didn't get round to it. We took the children and they had great fun getting very muddy! I'm hoping to do a post in the week with more photos.

2. A picture my niece drew for me. She said something like "This is so you remember you love Nana" (my mum)!

3. My coconut feeder. I've seen Bluetits visiting.

4. Being Eileen DVD. I ordered this using my Nectar points, I really enjoyed the series and found it heart warming and funny.

I hope you've found some happy things this week.