Sunday, 26 October 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 43/52

1. Dog sitting. I looked after my sister's Westie puppy for the weekend, while they went camping. He was about four months in this photo.

2. Halloween torches. I got these in the pound shop, we don't really celebrate Halloween but I thought these were good as the kids love torches and these make Halloween shapes.

3. Seeing my friend. I hadn't seen my friend properly for a couple of years, time just flies by. She came along to the toddler group I volunteer at and it was lovely to see her. 

4. Halloween poster. I was out on Halloween so I put this poster up so my nan didn't have to keep answering the door. I made it on the PicMonkey website. I put some sweets in a bag to put outside, the only downside was someone stole the bag.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 42/52 - Weymouth holiday

Hello again, everyone! I didn't realise I had been away from blogland for so long! I seem to have been playing catch up since my holiday back in October and now it's nearly Christmas I have lots to do and places to go! 

I'm trying to write up the last eight weeks or so, of "happy" posts and will hopefully post them over the next week. This post is all about my holiday to Weymouth, in October. There were lots of happy things, I won't write too much but will share some photos.

We stayed at Park Dean Warmwell, which is about nine miles from Weymouth. This park is all lodges and has some fishing lakes and woodland. The weather was quite cold and wet compared to when we've been in October before.

Our lodge.

The Nature Trail. We didn't see much nature though!

Bowleaze Cove

There was loads of seaweed washed up, more than I've seen here before.

Stones for skimming.

After walking along the beach, we had lunch in the Beachside Cafe. As we finished lunch, we saw a Coastguard rescue. Someone had swum out to retrieve their jet ski, unfortunately they couldn't reach it as the tide was taking it further out. The Coastguard brought him back to dry land and checked him over and, luckily, he was fine.

A few photos from around the park.


Sand sculptures.

RSPB Radipole Lake

PS I forgot to add that I saw my first Great Spotted Woodpecker while on this holiday. Our lodge was on the edge, by the fence so we saw lots of birds coming and going.  

Friday, 10 October 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 41/52

This is just a quick post with my happy things from this week. I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up to go on holiday! We are off to Dorset for the week.

1. My mum's Birthday cake. I quickly made this on Monday morning, only from a packet as I didn't have much time but it was very tasty!

2. Baby news. My friend's wife gave birth to a baby boy, last week, weighing 8lb 14oz! They live about an hours drive away so I don't see them that often but I'll hopefully see them soon. (This should have been for last weeks Happy post!)

3. Shoe rack. I finally got round to sorting out my shoe rack! I've been meaning to do it for ages as there were lots of shoes on it that aren't used any more. It looks much better now and all of the shoes can fit on it!

4. Snow! We had a very light snow shower yesterday.

5. Double rainbow. I just managed to get a photo of this double rainbow on Wednesday, before it disappeared. It had been sunshine and heavy showers all day so I hoped a rainbow would appear, you can just about see the second rainbow on the outside.

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 39/52

These are my happy things from last week. I haven't written down any happy things this week and I can't remember them either! Unless I remember them I'll probably miss out this weeks happy post.

1. New walk by the river. I went to the local retail park at the weekend and decided to go for a little walk after shopping. The retail park has been there for a while now but they are still building around it, mainly houses and flats but also a new community centre opened at the beginning of September. I followed the road towards the flats and saw a path to the left, following it I came to the river and ducks! A bit further along and there is a park in the middle of a sort of square of blocks of flats.

2. DBS for volunteering. My DBS form was sent on Friday and came back on Tuesday. I think it was so quick as I had one done about eight weeks ago. The next training days aren't until December though so quite a wait before I can start volunteering.

3. Autumnal colours. I picked these up when we were collecting blackberries. There seems to be more red shades on the trees this year.

4. 1st weekend of Strictly. The standard of dancing in the first week, was excellent this year, apart from a few that weren't so good! Greg comes to mind, with his quite camp Cha Cha!