Sunday, 31 August 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 35/52

I'm slightly more back on track than I was, with regards to blogging and have caught up on reading most of your blogs now. I have five happy things from this week! I think this is due to me remembering to make a note of them. So, here they are...

1. Strictly Come Dancing advert. I love it when I see the advert for SCD, although it means summer is coming to an end. I love most of the Autumn TV schedule. I think they put good shows on to try and combat that depressing feeling a lot of people have as we go into Autumn. I know Autumn can be just as good as Summer but the combination of shorter days and colder weather makes for a depressing feeling.

Photo Source

2. Finishing my book. I finally finished reading my book, I can't remember when I started it! I really enjoyed the story but I don't think I'll read another book yet, just catch up on my magazines for now as I've fallen about five issues behind!

3. Magic! - Don't Kill the Magic. I've been listening to this album, it has a sort of reggae sound. I bought the album on iTunes yesterday as I really like their song Rude and it was only £4.99!

Photo Source

4. Socialising. I met up with a friend on Friday, I took my nephew as he'd been playing up so I said I would take him out to give my sister a bit of a break and my mum took my niece and other nephew out. We met at a coffee shop for a drink, then drove to a local park, next to Widmer Fields and we went in there afterwards. I visited the fields once before and have written a post about it but didn't realise I haven't published it! This photo is from when I visited before, Friday was very grey and it started raining as we were coming out of the fields.

5. Red Admiral butterfly. I didn't get a photo but this butterfly landed on my nephew's shoulder, in the garden on Thursday. I don't think I've seen one before.

I hope you've all had a good week.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 32, 33 & 34/52

Hello again! It seems so long since I've been here (again!). I haven't done very well at catching up with reading/writing posts, I think I need to focus and make time for it! I don't have four things for every week, I find that if I don't write my 'happy things' down, I forget them. So here are the last three weeks!

Week 32
1. Blackberries. I'd noticed some blackberries that were ready to pick so I took my niece and nephew up to a local field. I don't remember them being ready this early before. Although there wasn't enough for a crumble, it was enough for the children to eat after their dinner.

Week 33
1. Camping. This was a very last minute trip, my sister wanted to have a holiday and now that my niece is at school they can only go in the school holidays. So they decided on camping! Although, after buying all the gear we could have had a couple of caravan holidays! The park was near Warmwell in Dorset and was very quiet, there was no bar or entertainment and we couldn't get electric hook up. I didn't take my camera and as we had no electric couldn't charge my phone very often to use the camera so I didn't take many photos. It was nice to get away but I wasn't sure about camping at first as I hadn't since I was a child but after the first night and everything was sorted out, it was good. We only went to the same places as usual, the market, Chesil Beach, Dorchester, Weymouth and Bowleaze Cove. One evening as we walked to the shower block, there was a heavy downpour and a double rainbow appeared over the shower block. At one point there were only four tents in the camping field so there was plenty of room for the children to play!

Bowleaze Cove

Bowleaze Cove

Week 34
1. BBQ. My nan likes to have a BBQ every August for my late Grandad's Birthday. It was good but there was too much moaning for my liking! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 30 & 31/52

I thought I'd actually caught up on these posts but realised when I came to type this that I'm still behind!

Week 30
1. Having a long overdue catch up with a friend. I finally got around to meeting with a friend I used to work with, I hadn't seen him for about 10 years! I went over to where he lives and we went for lunch then had a trip to Epsom Downs. We sat overlooking the race course with a drink and cake, it was sunny and warm and so nice just to chat and catch up on each other's news. He is in his 80's now but still independent, which was nice to see.

2. First wild flowers. These are the first wild flowers from the pack of seeds I got from Countryfile.

3. Fleurfest music festival. This is a music festival held by a pub in a local village. This was the first and last time I've been to this festival as it was the last year. I didn't get any photos though.

Week 31
As I didn't realise I was behind on these posts, I can only remember one thing from last week.

1. Lighthouse Holiday Club. I volunteered with the toddlers, doing the refreshments as this is what I do at the toddler group. I volunteered Tuesday to Friday, in the mornings. It was really busy with at least 40 children each day!