Tuesday, 30 December 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 52/52

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas, it's always over so quickly!

We're finally here, the last happy post of the year. There have been times when I've fallen (very!) behind and some weeks forgetting to write down happy things and take the photos (I don't have a great knack for remembering things!). I have enjoyed writing these posts, it's been good to find small positives each week to balance the hard times. 

At the moment, I don't think I will carry on with this project next year but I'm going to have a think about something else to do instead.

So, here are my last happy things of the year, not all with photos!

1. Christmas/Boxing day. We had both days at my mum and dad's, Christmas day just six of us and Boxing day there were 13 (my nan didn't like it as there were 13 at dinner!). I only took a few photos of the children so I don't have any to share. 

2. Birthday. It was my nephew's on the 28th December as it's so close to Christmas they don't do a party but tend to have an Open House so friends and family can pop in. We went just before lunch time so had lunch with them, I liked these pirate plates!

3. Last Christmas present re-ordered. I had ordered my sister a calendar from Tesco but it still wasn't in store three weeks later, even though customer services' assured me it was there. I went to collect it on Monday but it wasn't there, they contacted customer services who re-ordered it and said it would be in on Christmas Eve, it was cutting it fine but I couldn't get it anywhere else so late. I had an email on Christmas Eve morning to say it was in so I went to collect it and guess what they told me, there were two calendars there!

4. ISS aka Santa's Sleigh! I went to the Nativity service at the local church on Christmas Eve and as it was due to be visible while I was walking home, I decided to look for it and I saw it. I took this photo but you can only see it when you zoom in, it is the tiny dot slightly left of the centre of the photo.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 51/52

This week has been hard, with problems with my nan. She is fine but has taken things out on me this week. 
I can only remember three things this week.

1. Toddler group Christmas meal. We had our meal at Toby Carvery, there were 12 of us and it was nice to be able to chat. When we're at the toddler group we can't really talk as we're so busy.

2. Seeing family members. My mum, nan and I met up with some family that we haven't seen for quite a while, for a meal today. We did it as a surprise for my nan and her sister-in-law, they both didn't have a clue and were very surprised to see each other!

3. Catching up with posts! I've finally caught up with my happy posts. I didn't realise I'd fallen so far behind so it feels good to be up to date now!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 50/52

This week was quite busy so I have five happy things!

1. Winter Wonderland. This was the first time I'd been to Winter Wonderland, I met my friend at Marble Arch and off we went! It was a lovely Christmas atmosphere, there were lots of stalls, the rides and food were expensive, but it wasn't too busy.

2. Finished Christmas shopping. I'd already finished most of my shopping and just had a couple of things to get. I don't buy too much, I tend to spend about £10 on each person. I just need to wrap it all, which I'll probably do on Tuesday while watching a Christmas film.

3. Christmas TV guide. I love looking through the Christmas TV guide, there are lots of programmes I want to watch!

Photo source

4. Sunrise. I took this on Thursday, at about 8.20am. The highest point to take photos is from the landing window, it's just a shame the aerials are in the way!

5. Christmas meal with friends. We had a meal at the local Harvester, one evening this week. It's probably the last chance we'll get to meet before Christmas, it was nice to eat and chat!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 49/52

I am missing week 48 of happy things as I didn't write anything down and can't remember! So, here is week 49. 

1. Hospital training. I did the training for the Maternity volunteering, it was things like health and safety, fire training, conflict resolution etc. and lasted two days. I just need to have a meeting with someone in the Maternity department to sort out days/times, then I can start. I think that will probably be in January now.

2. Santa train. We went on the Santa Special train again this year, at Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway. There was a bit of a mix up with the times though, the others thought we were on the 2 o'clock train but it was actually the 1 o'clock! The volunteers were really helpful and managed to fit us on the next train, in a first class carriage. The kids really enjoyed it and had their photos taken with Santa and one of his elves and got a present each. 

3. Free cinema ticket. I had two tickets from SweetSundays, to use by the 7th December. There weren't really any films I wanted to see, but then Paddington came out just in time to use the tickets! I went with my mum and I really enjoyed the film.

Photo source

4. Family visiting. My cousin and her fiancĂ©e came to visit for about an hour on the way back home to Cornwall. They'd been to London for the weekend and came to see my nan, I managed to see them for about half an hour. I hadn't seen them for about five years and they came to tell my nan that they are expecting identical twins!