Wednesday, 6 August 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 30 & 31/52

I thought I'd actually caught up on these posts but realised when I came to type this that I'm still behind!

Week 30
1. Having a long overdue catch up with a friend. I finally got around to meeting with a friend I used to work with, I hadn't seen him for about 10 years! I went over to where he lives and we went for lunch then had a trip to Epsom Downs. We sat overlooking the race course with a drink and cake, it was sunny and warm and so nice just to chat and catch up on each other's news. He is in his 80's now but still independent, which was nice to see.

2. First wild flowers. These are the first wild flowers from the pack of seeds I got from Countryfile.

3. Fleurfest music festival. This is a music festival held by a pub in a local village. This was the first and last time I've been to this festival as it was the last year. I didn't get any photos though.

Week 31
As I didn't realise I was behind on these posts, I can only remember one thing from last week.

1. Lighthouse Holiday Club. I volunteered with the toddlers, doing the refreshments as this is what I do at the toddler group. I volunteered Tuesday to Friday, in the mornings. It was really busy with at least 40 children each day! 

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  1. 40 children.....I'd run screaming in the opposite direction!


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