Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bird watching

I haven't really spent any time this year watching the birds, except when I did the Big Garden Birdwatch in January. From the bedroom I can watch birds on the bird feeders in the back garden. So, I spent about 15 minutes on Thursday, after 8pm, not expecting to see any birds but I did! A male and female house sparrow, great tit, male chaffinch, greenfinch and two wood pigeons. I also saw about 16 Red Kites over the garden on Thursday afternoon. The RSBP website is good for identifying birds.

This goldfinch was on the telephone wire then it went down to the garden, I got a few pictures but none of them are very good. Here is the best one!


These flowers were waiting for me when I got back from holiday and they are still going strong!

I have been doing quite a bit of crocheting the last couple of days, although I'm still making slow progress! I'm on the seventh colour now but I have realised that I've been doing the end of the second row of colour wrong! Instead of going into the top of the chain three, I've been going between the last treble and chain three. It's looks fine to me though and I wasn't going to undo it all!

This has been a bit of a mixed post so sorry if it hasn't made good reading!



  1. It's good to watch birds, I find it very relaxing. It's not easy to get good pictures so just take loads with your new camera and see what settings work best. Your flowers are lovely and I'm sure no-one will know you have mixed the colours in your crochet work :)

    1. I find watching the birds relaxing too and it's exciting when a new bird or one that hasn't visited for a while comes along. I haven't tried out different settings on my new camera so I will have to have a look! I don't think you can really notice I have done the crocheting wrong, we will see at the end!!

  2. Aw aren't gold finches just lovely so colourful. Always enjoy watching the birds especially this time of year when there bringing their babies to feed :) x

    1. Yes, I love the colours of the goldfinch! I have seen a few young birds around but not many.


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