Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Burnham Beeches

We visited Burnham Beeches on Saturday 1st February, I wanted to go in Autumn to see the changing colours but didn't get round to it. 

We didn't get there until about 12.30pm so went to the café for a quick bite to eat. The prices were ok and I really enjoyed the Millionaire Shortbread! The car park costs £2 per day, per car but someone gave us their ticket as they were leaving.

We walked along Lord Mayors Drive, almost to the end then turned round and came back up. This is one of the paths and we dipped in and out of the woods, it was very muddy and the children had great fun getting covered in it! We only walked a small part of whole place but it still took quite a long time! There are cattle and some other animals roaming in the woods but we didn't see any.

There were quite a few trees hollowed out like this, they looked like they had been burnt.

I think this was the Upper Pond, there were lots of Mandarin Ducks and some Mallards. I couldn't get a very good photo though.

This stream came from the pond above and carries on to the next two ponds, Middle and Swilly Ponds. The stream was very shallow and we walked through it in our welly boots.

We were there for about four hours in total and it was a tiring but fun day.


  1. What a lovely day Gemma, you took great photos-you must be pleased with your new camera now. I love trees-something we don't have too many of here in Brixham, so I have to go off to Cockington to get my tree and woodland fix, but it's been too wet and windy to go recently. I have really enjoyed this woodland walk with you.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I am pleased with my camera just a shame it doesn't have a bigger zoom for the distance shots. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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