Sunday, 14 July 2013

Where to go?

We had fun at Legoland on Thursday, it wasn't too hot so it was nice. We saw some Mallards at one of the seating areas, with two young ducks that were just loosing the last of their down feathers. We also saw another duck with tiny ducklings, two yellows ones and two black ones. They weren't that close and moved off quite quickly so I couldn't really see what they were. Everything is so late this year.

Despicable Me 2 was brilliant and really funny and the kids enjoyed it too! I definitely recommend it if you have children.

I have been looking at hotels to have a couple of days away in August. I thought about going to West Wittering but some of the reviews on TripAdvisor said the parking is really bad and some people were stuck for three hours trying to get out of the car park. I think we will probably go to Littlehampton, we have been there the last couple of years and the beach is lovely. I like to hire a deckchair, read and relax!

This is a photo of the Viola after it has died off, I like all of the little seeds.

I saw a robin earlier, as I was putting the washing out. I was stood about three feet away from the feeders and it went from the tree to the water table, had a drink, did, what sounded like a couple of sneezes, onto the feeder and away. The robins always come quite close in the garden.

It's set to be another hot, sunny week with temperatures in the low 30's here - it's a bit hot for me. Hope you have a great week and its not too hot for you!

P.S. I have been feeling good as I had a PPI refund on Thursday and have cleared my debt!



  1. Littlehampton sounds nice. We use Tripadvisor too and have never been disappointed with the results. Viola picture is lovely with the purple petals in the background and the seeds ready to burst out. Robins and blackbirds seem to be the friendliest garden birds an I often have them both around me when gardening. Bit too hot for me too!

  2. Beautiful photo! Must be such a lovely feeling clearing your debt. The weather has been stunning hasn't it? Robins are very cheeky my Mum used to have one that would sit on her hand and feed so cute x


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