Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Do things come in threes?

I'm not really a superstitious person but three painful things have happened to me in the last week. These were, 1) I knocked my thumb and had pain in my wrist and thumb joint, 2) my wisdom tooth has been hurting, it's impacted and I'm waiting to have it taken out under sedation and 3) I pulled a muscle in my back on Monday. Although my thumb and back are feeling a bit better now, my tooth is still hurting a bit. My nan always believes things come in threes, she is very superstitious. She has lots of sayings but the one I always remember is, you can't do clothes washing on New Years Day as it washes someone out of the family. I don't really believe in them! Do you have any that you believe in?

Now I have my PPI money, I'm going to treat myself to a new TV and maybe a DVD player too. I have an old, big backed TV and the picture has started to stretch off of the screen. I also wanted to get a new corner sofa but couldn't find one small enough to fit into the space but now my sister and nan are both getting new sofas. My nan's will fit into my small space and my sister's will fit into the other space so I have saved a bit of money there! I'm thinking about getting a laptop too as I only have my nan's iPad at the moment. My dad is making me a new TV cabinet, this is the picture I have given him. It's this one from Oak Furnitureland.

I have a lot of sorting out to do before I get these new things though!


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