Saturday, 24 August 2013

A quiet week

So, what has been happening the last week or so... Well, not much really! I have been feeling quite tired and haven't had much energy or motivation to do anything over the last week so I don't have much to write about this week.

I'm typing this on my new laptop, I'm finding it much easier to type than on the iPad. I'm not so sure about Windows 8 but you can easily switch to the desktop, just like in previous Windows versions. 

I haven't really been taking many pictures over the last few weeks but I did manage to take some yesterday. When I was putting the washing out I saw a large bee on the tree, covered in pollen but I didn't have my camera outside, when I came back out with my camera the bee had gone! Later on, I took my camera out and managed to get a few photos.

This is the tree, I'm not sure what it is though. I like the shadows of the washing!

The flower close up.

I like this one from underneath the plant, I was trying to get the ladybird but it's a bit too dark.

Autumn is definitely in the air now, it's sad to say goodbye to Summer so soon. Although we've had some really nice weather, it doesn't really feel like we've had much of a Summer.

I hope you've all had a lovely week.


  1. Hi Gemma I think your tree might be an Hibiscus. It's a lovely colour and I like the bee covered in pollen from it. I'm getting used to Windows 8 but it's a bit of a change from Windows 7 which is on my works computer-so I have to swap and change a lot.

    1. Hi Suzie,

      Thank you for the info about the tree. There were a few bees that were even more covered in pollen! I keep flicking back to the desktop on Windows 8, I prefer it at the moment!

  2. Hello Gemma.
    Those bee photos are absolutely amazing! all covered in pollen hehe, made me smile x


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