Sunday, 11 August 2013

Trip to Littlehampton

I enjoyed our trip to Littlehampton, even though we didn't get that much beach time. As usual, we didn't leave home until late on Monday, at about 12.30pm (I was ready but the others weren't!). We took two cars, I drove and stopped on the way for lunch. We went straight to the beach car park, it was about 3.30pm and I put some sun cream on in the car as it was quite bright. We headed towards the beach and it started raining a little bit then after about 10 minutes the heavens opened and we were drenched so we decided to go to the hotel! Being typical English weather, it was bright again when we got to the hotel! We stayed at Premier Inn Littlehampton and although it was a bit more expensive than I usually pay, it was really nice and had air conditioning. We had dinner at The Roundstone pub, next door to the hotel then settled into our rooms.

Tuesday was supposed to be nice so we got ready to go to the beach, it was mainly sunny and about 23°c. I put sun cream on but unfortunately still got a bit burnt in a few places I had missed! I don't usually let myself get burnt as I have pale, freckly skin and can burn within 30 minutes. We hired deckchairs and sat and read, the kids paddled a bit and played in the sand and we looked for sea glass. Littlehampton is quite good for sea glass, we found white and green and, in total, found about 10 pieces. Again, we had dinner at the pub then went to our rooms.

On Wednesday we went to the beach for about an hour but because one of the cars was playing up we left quite early. The drive home was a bit of a nightmare as we followed the others in case they broke down but lost them about half way back and then it took ages to do the last bit. We got back around 7pm but we did stop for petrol and to get a few bits of shopping!

Since being back I've felt really tired but have been getting on with a bit of crocheting. I also got my new TV on Thursday so I've been enjoying that too! I have been looking at laptops as well, I find it quite hard to type on the iPad and sometimes it can accidentally put a photo in and makes the whole post get mixed up!

Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Looks like a beautiful beach. I like your sea glass. Like you I am pale and always have to really slap the sun cream on x

  2. Factor 30 for me all summer long and factor 15 in the winter....It's a pain but absolutely necessary! Sorry you didn't get to spend as much time at the beach as you wanted-that's the trouble with going away with a large group-always having to wait for people! Still it's always good to get away. The sea glass is lovely. Enjoy your new TV.


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