Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Insects and Maggots!

I saw this insect walking along the bathroom wall on Sunday night but it had died by Monday morning. I put it on a tissue to photograph it and the back legs started twitching but it didn't get up so I'm not sure what was happening! I couldn't find it in my book, could it be a grass hopper? It didn't jump, only walked.

This morning I noticed a few maggots on the compost/food bin outside. We've only ever had a handful inside the bin before but when I looked inside the bin they were everywhere! I decided to wash the bin out down the manhole but I couldn't get them out of the food bag that was already in the bin. When I looked this evening there were more maggots over the bin lid. At the moment they bins are emptied every other week but from October the council will be emptying them every week. Do you have any advice for getting rid of them?

Have you see any of the meteors over the last few nights? I looked out on Monday and Tuesday night but I didn't see any. There are some good pictures here.

Hope you're having a good week.



  1. Looks like a grasshopper to me with those big back legs! You need Jeys Fluid to wash out those maggots. Same problem here as the heat and the bin collection don't mix well.

    1. Thank you for the advice, I had a look on the internet and someone said salt gets rid of them. I sprinkled some salt in the bin and they have almost all gone! I can't see them now so I'm not sure if they have left the bin or just gone under the bags. We are getting new lockable bins and a weekly collection so hopefully it won't be so bad.


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