Sunday, 12 January 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 2/52

It's been really hard this week to find happy things. The pain from my wisdom tooth carried on, sometimes I was in agony and painkillers didn't work. I'm on my third lot of antibiotics from the dentist and I still have some pain. I couldn't have it out on Friday as I have muscle lock (like lockjaw) so couldn't open my mouth wide enough. I felt very annoyed on Friday as I'd phoned the clinic on Thursday and my instinct was that they wouldn't be able to do it, they said it would be fine and I went along to my appointment, sat in the chair and they said they couldn't do it. I was so upset that I hadn't trusted my instinct but also for my dad who used his holiday to take me. Hopefully I can have it out in a couple of weeks.

Despite all of this I have found some happy things.

1. Stacking Santa's! I took my Christmas decorations down yesterday and I bought these stacking Santa's in Asda this year, I think they're really sweet! 

2. Remembering the goods times I had working at Thorpe Park in 2001/2002. I drove these trains and also worked on the boats that went up to the farm. I made lots of lovely friends and I'm still in contact with quite a few, despite moving away.

3. Creme eggs!

4. Booking two holidays from The Sun. The online booking for previous bookers opened today and I have booked holidays in May and October, both in Weymouth but at different parks.

I hope you've managed to find some happy things this week.


  1. oh poor you sounds blummin awful!
    Well done for finding some happys im not sure I could have done being in pain.
    Hope you feel much better soon.
    Love that stacking santas hehe very cute x

  2. Hope you get that tooth out soon. Lovely to have your holidays sorted.


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