Sunday, 19 January 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 3/52

I'm pleased to say, the pain from my wisdom tooth has eased, I still have some pain and can't open my mouth as normal but its much better than it was. So, that is my first happy thing from this week.

1. Being almost pain free. No photo though!

2. Family visiting. We had family come to stay this week, it was really nice to see them as it's been about 18 months since we saw them last.

3. Getting out and about. It was so nice last Monday to be able to take my sister's dogs out for walk. Being in so much pain before, I was just trying to get comfortable and hadn't been out. I went up to the local park and into the woods, it was lovely to hear the birds singing and I realised that I'd missed being out. I also went out a couple of times with my visiting family and took the dogs out again on Friday.

4. Seeing a Redwing. I've been waiting since Autumnwatch to see a Redwing and I saw one today at about 4pm, in the garden so I had to include it in this weeks happy things! I didn't get a photo as my camera doesn't have a big zoom so this is from my bird book. I did try scanning it but the quality wasn't very good.

I hope you've managed to find some happy things this week.


  1. Hello Gemma.
    Lovely photos and so glad to hear your not in pain anymore bless you it's horrible.
    My mum gets redwings in her garden there lovely birds x

    1. Hello! Thank you, it's so nice not to be in so much pain, hopefully it will be out soon! I don't really see many Redwings here so it was lovely to see.


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