Friday, 11 April 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 14 & 15/52

I still didn't feel too good last week so this is my catch up post for last week and this week. I'm feeling much better now but haven't really caught up on reading/commenting on blogs. It's been a fairly quiet couple of weeks and I've been resting quite a lot. 

My happy things:

1. Essentials magazine. This is the May issue already! I always look forward to receiving my new issue and flicking through.

Photo Source

2. Crochet. I hadn't done any crochet for ages but I've managed to fit quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. I'm quite slow so although I've spent time crocheting, it doesn't look that much different!

3. Wool delivery. I received these this week, from Wool Warehouse, I love these colours but the photo doesn't really do them justice. I've been using Hayfield Bonus DK for my Granny Stripe blanket but thought I would try Stylecraft DK as lots of people seem to like it. These aren't quite as thick as the Hayfield so I'll see how they are to work with.

4. Fun in the sun! I spent most of Thursday in the garden with my niece and nephews, it was really warm when the sun was out but chilly when it went behind the clouds.

I hope you've had a lovely couple of weeks.

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