Sunday, 28 September 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 38/52

Hello to you all. Here are my happy things from last week:

1. The things children say... My niece (5 yrs) and older nephew (3 yrs) were playing in the sandpit outside the back door and as I was cooking the dinner, all of a sudden, I saw a cloud of sand flying past the door! When I looked outside, ALL of the sand was out of the pit and was everywhere! 
When I asked 'Who put this sand all over the floor?' 
My nephew said it was my niece. 
'Why did you put the sand on the floor?' I said in my cross voice. The reply wasn't what I expected!
'I was pretending it was fairy dust and I forgot it's not supposed to go on the floor.'
Well, I couldn't help but laugh!

2. Outing with my nephew. I have been babysitting my younger nephew (17 months) on Wednesday mornings. As it was good weather, we went to the local library, which is about 10 minutes walk. It's now a community library so is only open either AM or PM. After getting some books we went to the park on the way home. It was nice to have a little outing as I don't go the library much, I have so many books on my shelf already!

3. 1st party. The 1st party out of five, between now and December, was a 50th Birthday party, at the local football stadium. It was really nice to see lots of people I used to work with.

4. LOVEFiLM trial. I really wanted to see the pilot episode of Our Girl but didn't really want to buy it just to watch it once. I couldn't find it anywhere to rent or stream so I signed up for this free trial. They have so many DVDs and if you don't mind waiting for them to come through the post, it's a good service. You can have two discs at home at the same time and unlimited rentals during the month. I have Sky TV at the moment so I'll probably cancel it after the free trial but if I leave Sky, I think I would do it again.

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