Sunday, 5 October 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 39/52

These are my happy things from last week. I haven't written down any happy things this week and I can't remember them either! Unless I remember them I'll probably miss out this weeks happy post.

1. New walk by the river. I went to the local retail park at the weekend and decided to go for a little walk after shopping. The retail park has been there for a while now but they are still building around it, mainly houses and flats but also a new community centre opened at the beginning of September. I followed the road towards the flats and saw a path to the left, following it I came to the river and ducks! A bit further along and there is a park in the middle of a sort of square of blocks of flats.

2. DBS for volunteering. My DBS form was sent on Friday and came back on Tuesday. I think it was so quick as I had one done about eight weeks ago. The next training days aren't until December though so quite a wait before I can start volunteering.

3. Autumnal colours. I picked these up when we were collecting blackberries. There seems to be more red shades on the trees this year.

4. 1st weekend of Strictly. The standard of dancing in the first week, was excellent this year, apart from a few that weren't so good! Greg comes to mind, with his quite camp Cha Cha!

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