Thursday, 1 January 2015

Beginning a New Year!

Hello 2015! 

I hope you all had a good New Years Eve/day. Our NYE was spent at my sister's, playing the Wii and iPads, we have done this for the past few years now. The kids stayed up until just after midnight but were ready for bed by then! Today has been grey, windy, wet and dull, a day to stay in.

In last years post, here, I mentioned my four hopes for 2014. I managed to achieve two of them - meeting new/seeing old friends and to keep blogging/join in with 52 Weeks of Happy. One didn't happen - finishing my Granny Stripe blanket. The last one is getting there - job/pursuing a new career, I'm on the way to volunteering which will hopefully lead to/help with this.

Have you achieved your resolutions/hopes for last year?

My hopes for this year, let me think...
  • I definitely need to have a clear out/tidy up
  • I would love to do some travelling but I don't think that will happen this year
  • To read more. I have my magazine subscription to catch up on and lots of books on my shelf
  • To pick up where I left off with my crochet
  • The obvious ones - to find work, have good health and good times!
  • I forgot one! To carry on blogging

So, onto a project to do instead of 52 Weeks of Happy. My project for this year, is going to be a post with a highlight/s from my week. This might be one highlight or many from my week, I'll hopefully remember to take a photo and post something each week! This is similar to 52 Weeks of Happy and will make me think about the positive things. Please feel free to join in with this project, if it takes your fancy!

Here's to 2015, which will hopefully be a year of love, laughter, health and good times for us all!

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