Monday, 27 May 2013

A beautiful day

It's been a beautiful day, very sunny but also very windy. I have finally put the pots out into the garden from the greenhouse and I managed to take some photos earlier. We have quite a large garden so I will try to get some photos to show the whole garden for another post.

This is the rockery with the pots behind it, the tall flowers on the left of the photo started coming through last year. I've looked in my new wild flowers book and I think they are Columbine. The Lupins and Foxgloves aren't flowering yet but I noticed the slugs have been eating them so I hope they will still flower.


This is a Gazania Tiger Stripe flower, it's one of my favourites but I prefer the orange ones.

This tree is in our neighbours garden, I think it looks lovely now it's in flower.

And finally, I got a picture of a Red Kite but unfortunately it wasn't very close so I will endeavour to get a better one. I missed a good photo opportunity earlier, when two Red Kites glided past the window as I was looking out.

I have just watched Springwatch in the Afternoon and I'm looking forward to watching the new series of Springwatch, which starts at 8pm tonight on BBC2.


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