Sunday, 12 May 2013

Norfolk holiday

It was lovely to get away for a while, we went Monday to Friday and stayed at Cherry Tree holiday park near Great Yarmouth. We didn't plan on doing much, just relaxing. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked as I was helping out with the children. We had some rain on Wednesday AM but other than that it was dry and sunny but cold in the wind.

Monday was mainly spent travelling there, on Tuesday we went to Great Yarmouth and spent some time on the beach. It was virtually empty, just a few families there and the tide was quite far out so there was lots of sand for the children to play on. It was warm in the sun but the wind was quite nippy! On Wednesday we stayed on the park and went swimming in the morning and then played in the arcade. On Thursday we took the children to Adventure Island Play Park in Lowestoft, a soft play centre and stayed for about four hours, the children really enjoyed themselves and I even had a play too! Friday we played in the arcade before leaving then made our way back home.

Here are a few photos of Great Yarmouth beach. You can just see the wind farm in the distance and they have a Wind Farm Visitor Centre just off of the beach.


These are some photos that I took at the holiday park.

It's a shame to have to come back home, I love being by the sea but I only have four weeks to wait until I'm away again! I did have a look for Sea Glass and I found a few pieces that looked like it but wasn't. I had unpacked and done all of my washing within a couple of hours of getting back. I'm hoping to get on with some crocheting now that I'm back, I had trouble adding a new colour before I went away.

Today has been a mixed day, with lovely sunshine this morning then rain and feeling really cold this afternoon. At least I got some washing dried on the line earlier. It's lovely seeing the garden coming into bloom and the flowers coming out in the pots I planted up.

Here are my pots still in the greenhouse.


The rockery has started to come into bloom now aswell and the Weeping Willow tree looks good with some colour on it. I looked for a link for Weeping Willow but couldn't really find a good one so I took a photo from my book instead.

Here are some other flowers from the garden.

While I have been writing this I have seen wood pigeons, collard doves, blue tits and dunnocks on the bird feeder. I hope you've all had a great weekend!


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