Saturday, 25 May 2013

No crocheting this week

There hasn't been much activity here this week and I haven't really taken any blog worthy photos. I spent a day sorting through my nan's paperwork, she had kept some bills from 2003 and even had a few things from 1997! I've taken a lot of stuff out and I need to go through whats left, so that's a nice job for me to look forward to!

I wanted to do some crocheting this week but every time I thought I had time something came up. I will post a photo when I've made some progress.

I'm looking forward to my holiday in a couple of weeks, we are staying in a cottage so we will have the garden to sit in and I'm hoping to do some crocheting and reading. I love reading, it's a great escapism but unfortunately I haven't read a book for ages now. I have my Essentials magazine subscription too but I'm about two months behind on that as well!

I wanted to share this photo, taken on 6th January 2010 of the Weeping Willow tree covered in snow, in the garden. I came across it my old camera and really liked it!

Right, time to put the washing out. Whatever you're up to this bank holiday/half term, I hope you enjoy it!


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