Tuesday, 29 October 2013

After the storm

So, the storm 'St Jude' hit on Sunday night and we were lucky, we didn't have any damage. Our neighbours had a bit of damage to their fence and they lost their big trampoline. There were quite a few trees down in the area and travel disruption to the buses and trains.

I took a photo of the garden before, in case there was any change but as you can see there wasn't any.

Before and After

Did you have any damage from the storm? I hope you managed to stay safe.


  1. Oh that's a lovely garden Gemma. No damage here in Brixham. For some strange reason it didn't hit us hard, just a bit windy and rainy.

    1. Thank you, it's quite big but it is nice to have it. I hadn't looked up behind the shed where the fence was already broken, now it's fallen down!!


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