Wednesday, 2 October 2013

365 Project September 2013

I haven't had much time in the last few weeks to properly read the blogs I follow and comment as I've been busy doing Aunty duties! I will hopefully catch up at the weekend.

I saw the 365 Project on another blog (I can't remember which one though) and thought I would give it a go. I haven't managed to take a photo everyday, either due to not really having anything interesting to photograph or simply forgetting! I'm hoping to carry the project on but I'll see how I go. Here are Septembers photos. 

2nd September 2013 The first blackberry picked of 2013

3rd September 2013 My Easter egg from this year, still not eaten!

4th September 2013 Lovely blue sky, temperature about 26 degrees

5th September 2013 Our new table and chairs from Ikea

7th September 2013 The view of the fair, taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel

8th September 2013 I went to pick up my toothbrush and look what I found!

10th September 2013 The flower buds from the tree on the ground

12th September 2013 My nephew wearing my heels!

14th September 2013 My GSB, 10 colours so far

16th September 2013 An acorn from the Oak tree at the local common

17th September 2013 Apple and blackberry crumble

18th September 2013 Clouds from the landing window

19th September 2013 Spiders web in the garden, covered in raindrops

21st September 2013 The Royal Standard of England

22nd September 2013 A caterpillar on the watering can

23rd September 2013 Ladybird on a stinging nettle

26th September 2013 Cake made by me and my nephew

28th September 2013 Bonfire to burn all of the tree cuttings and letters

30th September 2013 My November issue of Essentials and an unexpected copy of Woman's Own

I hope you've had a good week.


  1. Not sure I like the spider on your toothbrush! That Easter egg would have been eaten by now in my house. Your crochet looks great-well done.

    1. I don't mind spiders but it did make me jump! The Easter egg is still here!

  2. Eek naughty spider hehe. Its the time of year when there in the house. I love your photo of the blue sky not seen it for a while now x

    1. I know, it did make me jump! I haven't seen too many spiders in the house so far.


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