Monday, 17 March 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 11/52

1. Baby news. Not me! My friend phoned me on Tuesday to say his wife is expecting their first baby, in September. I haven't seen them for a while as my friend works a lot but we'll hopefully meet up soon.

2. Cake. I made the chocolate crunch cake from this post. It tasted just the same as I remember but it didn't set properly, I did have to change the quantities and someone said I may have used too much condensed milk. I'm going to try again with a slightly different recipe.

3. Ladybirds. I saw four, seven spot ladybirds in the garden on Thursday, I think that is as many as I saw in the garden all of last year! I hope this is a good sign and the ladybird population will thrive this year.

4. Sunset. There was a beautiful sunset on Saturday evening as I drove home from taking my mum out. I did something I've never done before, I pulled over twice to take photos and I did feel a bit conspicuous! I only had my phone so the photos weren't close up and they don't really show the colours properly. It was lovely, streaked with purple, orange and red. 

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  1. Sorry about the cakes! Yes has lots of ladybirds this month and mostly native ones so that's really good. Beautiful sunset.


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