Wednesday, 26 March 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 12/52

I've had mild flu since last Thursday so I haven't felt like doing anything. I've been resting all week but I'm still not feeling great, although better than I was. As a result of this I've only got three happy things from last week.

1. Haircut. I've had my hair cut even shorter now! It's the style I've wanted for a while but didn't feel brave enough to go for it, until now. I took this photo of Helen George to the hairdresser.

2. New speaker. I bought this X-Mini 2 speaker from Tesco for £15 to plug into my phone/iPod/iPad. The sound is brilliant, it goes really loud and the bass is good too. I got it mainly for when I'm cooking/in the kitchen.

3. #nomakeupselfie. This is something that is going around the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter etc. The idea is to post a photo of yourself without make up and if you can, donate £3 to Cancer Research. I rarely wear make up but still did it and as of yesterday it has raised £8 million!


  1. I've heard loads about nomakeupselfie, our local radio presenter, who's a bloke put on full make up and posted it. Brilliant idea isn't it. How you are happy with your hair.

    1. It was brilliant it raised so much money! Really liking my hair now but it needs cutting again, when it was long I always had it up so short hair is much better for me.


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