Sunday, 26 October 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 43/52

1. Dog sitting. I looked after my sister's Westie puppy for the weekend, while they went camping. He was about four months in this photo.

2. Halloween torches. I got these in the pound shop, we don't really celebrate Halloween but I thought these were good as the kids love torches and these make Halloween shapes.

3. Seeing my friend. I hadn't seen my friend properly for a couple of years, time just flies by. She came along to the toddler group I volunteer at and it was lovely to see her. 

4. Halloween poster. I was out on Halloween so I put this poster up so my nan didn't have to keep answering the door. I made it on the PicMonkey website. I put some sweets in a bag to put outside, the only downside was someone stole the bag.


  1. Hi Gemma, Your sister's dog is gorgeous and so like our puppy. I'm amazed he sat still enough for you to take a picture! Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, I took lots of photos just to get this one! I thought of you when I posted this and hoped it wouldn't make you feel too sad.


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