Sunday, 19 October 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 42/52 - Weymouth holiday

Hello again, everyone! I didn't realise I had been away from blogland for so long! I seem to have been playing catch up since my holiday back in October and now it's nearly Christmas I have lots to do and places to go! 

I'm trying to write up the last eight weeks or so, of "happy" posts and will hopefully post them over the next week. This post is all about my holiday to Weymouth, in October. There were lots of happy things, I won't write too much but will share some photos.

We stayed at Park Dean Warmwell, which is about nine miles from Weymouth. This park is all lodges and has some fishing lakes and woodland. The weather was quite cold and wet compared to when we've been in October before.

Our lodge.

The Nature Trail. We didn't see much nature though!

Bowleaze Cove

There was loads of seaweed washed up, more than I've seen here before.

Stones for skimming.

After walking along the beach, we had lunch in the Beachside Cafe. As we finished lunch, we saw a Coastguard rescue. Someone had swum out to retrieve their jet ski, unfortunately they couldn't reach it as the tide was taking it further out. The Coastguard brought him back to dry land and checked him over and, luckily, he was fine.

A few photos from around the park.


Sand sculptures.

RSPB Radipole Lake

PS I forgot to add that I saw my first Great Spotted Woodpecker while on this holiday. Our lodge was on the edge, by the fence so we saw lots of birds coming and going.  

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