Sunday, 21 December 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 51/52

This week has been hard, with problems with my nan. She is fine but has taken things out on me this week. 
I can only remember three things this week.

1. Toddler group Christmas meal. We had our meal at Toby Carvery, there were 12 of us and it was nice to be able to chat. When we're at the toddler group we can't really talk as we're so busy.

2. Seeing family members. My mum, nan and I met up with some family that we haven't seen for quite a while, for a meal today. We did it as a surprise for my nan and her sister-in-law, they both didn't have a clue and were very surprised to see each other!

3. Catching up with posts! I've finally caught up with my happy posts. I didn't realise I'd fallen so far behind so it feels good to be up to date now!

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