Sunday, 14 December 2014

52 Weeks of Happy 50/52

This week was quite busy so I have five happy things!

1. Winter Wonderland. This was the first time I'd been to Winter Wonderland, I met my friend at Marble Arch and off we went! It was a lovely Christmas atmosphere, there were lots of stalls, the rides and food were expensive, but it wasn't too busy.

2. Finished Christmas shopping. I'd already finished most of my shopping and just had a couple of things to get. I don't buy too much, I tend to spend about £10 on each person. I just need to wrap it all, which I'll probably do on Tuesday while watching a Christmas film.

3. Christmas TV guide. I love looking through the Christmas TV guide, there are lots of programmes I want to watch!

Photo source

4. Sunrise. I took this on Thursday, at about 8.20am. The highest point to take photos is from the landing window, it's just a shame the aerials are in the way!

5. Christmas meal with friends. We had a meal at the local Harvester, one evening this week. It's probably the last chance we'll get to meet before Christmas, it was nice to eat and chat!

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