Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Now summer is coming to an end...

Littlehampton August 2013

...I thought I would share some of the things I love about summer.

  • Freshly cut grass, mmm...I love the smell of freshly cut grass but I haven't really smelt it this year
  • Spending time at the beach (although I could do this in any season!)
  • The smell of sun cream
  • Feeling the warm sun on my skin
  • Being able to hang washing out and it drying!
What are your favourite things about summer?

PS The blackberry crumble was a success but I forgot to take a photo!


  1. Aw lovely summery thoughts. I think one of my favourite things is seeing everything come into full bloom or crop in the garden. I also like the summer holidays from school x

  2. That's a beautiful image of Littlehampton Gemma, love the sparkling sea. I love the sound of bees in the garden, and the call of the seagull chicks.


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